Residential Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina - a district of luxury skyscrapers, which is not surprising if confused with the New York Manhattan at night.

The pearl of the project is the magnificent sea bay - marina, with residential and office buildings, hotels, shopping centers. The artificial channel is 4 km long, and it is able to fit the 30-meter vessels. The local yacht club became a haven for 600 yachts.

In Dubai Marina everything is made to enjoy the life under the warm sun of the East, humdrum bustle here turns to the peaceful course of time. This artificial azure marina gave 11 km of continuous waterfront: green squares, cozy cafes and restaurants are located along the promenade and the residential buildings hospitably opened its doors to the residents.

Exceptional architectural originality and uniqueness of the buildings is achieved due to different real estate developers. Without exception, all the buildings have their own health clubs and swimming pools, recreation and service centers, leased line Internet, cable and satellite television, and of course, high-end security system.

In addition to the internal features of the project Dubai Marina has a favorable territorial location. The main highway Sheikh Zayed Road on the one hand and the golden beaches of Jumeirah five-star hotels on the other side are the natural limits of the complex. Dubai Marina is bordering major business centers - Media City, Internet City, Knowledge Village.

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