Residential Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village South is a community designed to symbolize a pleasure, harmony, health and vision of peace. The radial layout allows neighbourhoods and open spaces to occur in a vivacious, more natural and buzzing manner and embraces the symmetrical component of Islamic art. The mixed use is private and tranquil yet well connected residency is set amongst a traditional Arabian and Western architectural.

This design celebrates the importance of verdant vegetation and water amongst the parched desert landscape, creating a stimulating community. Many of the public amenities found in Jumeirah Village South include parks, sports fields, international schools, mosques, and more. These are strategically clustered in the green spaces to create accessible gathering places, reminiscent of the important historic oasis.

Jumeirah Village is located in an enviable and incredible location on the edge of the cities business center and within touching distance of the three main transportation routes. These include; Sheikh Zayad Road, Emirates Road and Al Khail Road, which therefore, benefits from the express underground metro system which links up to the vibrant, unique and European style tram network, surounding the Village streets. Jumeirah Village is strategically and ideally located next to the largest international airport in the world, radically increasing commerce prospects.

JVS Master Plan
Jumeirah Village Circle Master Plan
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